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About us

About Us

We, at Asquare Acoustics, believe in complementing the creative minds of the architects and the interior designers, to help you create spaces that 'sound' as great as they look! Asquare Acoustics provides a diverse selection of solutions for a number of applications. We create a unique variety of Acoustic Sound Treatment solutions that increase acoustics in open areas with an additional shine to the visual definition, in addition to standard Acoustic Panels that are excellent for closed spaces. Our whole collection has been meticulously created and developed not just to give the best acoustic experience possible, but also to improve the aesthetic design • Made From 100% Rockwool And Finest New Zealand Pinewoods. • No Chemical Binders. • Non-toxic, Non-allergenic, No Iritants. • Safe - Certified With Group 1-s Fire Rating. • Resistant To Fungus Or Bacteria. • Lightweight, Easy-to-instal. • Assured Long-term Stability. • High Durability. • Highly Versatile. • Nrc Of 0.85-0.9. Asquare Acoustic is a well-accepted brand by architects, acoustic consultants and interior designers as well as leading Indian and Multi-National Companies.